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Welcome to the new FMA UK website. Things are still being updated and organised but we are working on things. 
More info here.

The shop is offline for the time-being and the forum may have issues but that's what we are working on at present. Please bear with us as this site upgrade was needed to allow other work to continue.  

.Below is some status information on the new website and the work that is being done to fix any migration issues. Please remember that this is being done by volunteers with limited time so some things may take a bit of time to resolve.

Update4 / Jan 5-14

Most things seem to have been roned out with the forum but still some more work to be done generally on the site. Shop isstill offline for the time being.

Update 3 / Dec 31-13

Site is in place and apart from a couple of small issues things are looking ok. Briefly these issues are:

  • Forum: some users having wrong permissions on the board and not being able to post. Mostly fixed I think
  • Forum: there will be more user requests coming through as people need accounts reset.
  • Website: Items in wrong category or menu. Some pages displaying error as a result. Being worked on
  • Support Group Contacts unable to access previous resources. Resources are being permissioned so they can be accessed only by that group. No one is in the new group yet. Site error message mentions this is being worked on.
  • Actual modules on front page still to be finalised.
  • Menu structure as always needs a good thinking through and content re categorised but that’s not really anything to do with the new site refresh

Intentionally broken :(

  • Shop offline – need to be sure that this is 100% before allowing people to use it. Needs configured.
  • No events functionality (jevents) – was not a high priority to put in place

Update 2 / Dec 30-13

Some previous resources that were available to groups may not be accessible as we are changing the way this content is accessed. please bear with us as we swap over to the new method.

Update 1 / Dec 30-13

  • Shop is offline and will be configured later
  • Contacts are not working 100% at present but will be fixed soon. Items are not in their proper categories
  • Site content migrated but there are issues with menus and content being in correct category. 


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