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FM Focus highlights

Our monthly magazine includes many useful articles and features. Read about some of the past and present content in thsi section. You can subscribe to the magazine by going to our shop.

Magazine Closure

It is with regret that the trustees have found it necessary to cease the publication of FibroFocus. Unfortunately the circulation did not reach a necessary level for us to continue. It will be remembered that the magazine came about because FMA UK were informed that FaMily magazine was about to be wound up, so the trustees embarked on the project to fill the anticipated void.  In the event, FaMily continued to be published, and the market is obviously not large enough to support two magazines.

Details for the reimbursement of subscriptions will be sent out with last issue in September.

Conference & Pamper weekend a big hit for second time

fibroducks_night_out_200The Fibromyalgia Conference & Pamper Weekend in April on the south coast was another great success despite cancellations by the American doctors. Described as a ‘coalition’ conference many Group Leaders played a major part in collecting stage payments at group meetings over several months, to enable delegates to come to conference. Without the support of those Leaders, many living on benefits would have been unable to come. Others found their local Rotary Club willing to help fund their visit to the conference. So many people pulled together to make it happen and during the ‘fond farewell’ it was clear that they all enjoyed themselves.


January edition of Fibromyalgia Focus

Fit NoteIn our January edition we have some exciting features including A New Look for a New Year, where June Chivers tries out shopping for new clothes with the help of a personal shopper. Read about how she got on and how using a personal shopper can save you so much time and energy. It certainly sounds like my kind of shopping trip!

Alison Adams, author of the book The Natural Recovery Plan for Fibromyalgia, shares her personal story and views about the possible underlying cause of fibromyalgia and how she has regained her life using natural remedies and detoxification. If you are concerned about toxicity and prefer to use natural remedies then check out this article.

Ever thought of trying Reiki? Michelle Corns, who shared her personal story last month, tells us about the history behind Reiki, what it involves and how she has personally benefited from it.


August edition of Fibro Focus available to view online

08August_website_300We have just added a full copy of our August edition of Fibromyalgia Focus to the website so that you can sample the content and layout of the magazine if you are not already a subscriber.

If you wish to subscribe you can find out information the magazine page here.

We will update the preview copy from time to time but the best way to keep up with the content is so subscribe. The magazine is full of original content about support group activities, latest research, coping tips and the charities activities. We dont copy and paste content from the internet and we always try to relate content in an understandable way and readable for all.

We also want to know what you think of the magazine and whats missing, what we can improve, what you liked and what you didn't. Please let us know as this magazine is for you.

You can subscribe to the magazine here.

July highlights from Fibromyalgia Focus

JulyIn May I had the privilege of attending a rheumatology conference called OMERACT (Outcome Measures in Rheumatology & Arthritis Clinical Trials) designed to allow rheumatology experts to come together to discuss what outcomes they should be measuring in clinical trials and how these measurements should be made. I was invited as a patient participant and had the opportunity to learn about and offer opinions on fibromyalgia in research-related discussions.

It was an exciting opportunity, especially as it was based in Borneo, not a place I ever thought I'd visit! Take a look at page 11 to find out what I learnt about FM and current research techniques.

How are your levels of self-esteem? If you are finding that your self-esteem has plummeted recently, then take a look at page 18 where Bridie Nelson offers some Top Tips for boosting your self-esteem.

Bridie says: "One of the first things you can do when you wake up in the morning is to think about what makes you the special and unique person that you are.  Now it might not be easy to come up with a long list of positives at first, but as you get used to noticing some of the nice things people say to you and about you, it will get easier.”

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April Fibro Focus Highlights

Happy Easter!  I hope you're enjoying the Easter break and the indulgence of large quantities of chocolate bunnies.

Ever fancied taking part in a reality TV show?  Our cover girl, Becky Magson, has done just that.  She took part in the TV show, Brides on a Bus, where 10 hopeful brides-to-be travelled on a double-decker bus from Land's End to Gretna Green carrying out challenges along the way to qualify to stay on the bus.  Having fibromyalgia meant that Becky faced an extra challenge of coping with her symptoms, especially in the physical tasks.  This month she tells us about what it was like to take part in the programme and how it has helped her to gain self-confidence and the courage to push new barriers.


May highlights from Fibromyalgia Focus

When you are first told you have fibromyalgia you obviously want to know as much information as possible about the symptoms, possible therapies and how it will affect your day-to-day life. Information on the Internet can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what sites to focus on. Often, a good book is just what you need.

This month meet the person behind that classic FM book Living with Fibromyalgia. Christine Craggs-Hinton shares her personal story and tells us what inspired her to write one of the first patient's books on FM in the UK. Living with Fibromyalgia is about to be relaunched, fully updated with the latest research and therapies for FM, so now is a great time to purchase a copy and get all the facts about FM presented in an easy to understand format.
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March Fibro Focus Highlights

MarchfocusSpring is definitely on the way, the days are getting longer and the sun is starting to make more of an appearance. With the hope of ever increasing hours of sunshine it's time to start planning those summer vacations.

This month, two of our writers, Sally Mayor and Sally Dixon, share some travel stories and offer tips on how to make travelling with limited mobility uncomplicated and comfortable. Sally Dixon visits the Lake District and shows that with a bit of planning and determination, even this UK mountainous region is accessible and you can enjoy the stunning views and the wide range of cakes on offer.

Sally Mayor has taken the plunge and gone to New York to explore the hectic sights and sounds of this spectacular city. She reports on the welcome she received wherever she went and the bonus of queue jumping in a wheelchair.


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