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User Contribution form

This form is for users to submit stories and poems that may feature on the website in a section for user generated content. We are looking for things that are related to FM. They can convey how FM has affected your life, or how you have battled to overcome circumstance. They can be funny or they can be sad.

Press Stories

From time to time we are contacted to provide people or stories that may feature on a newspaper piece, or and radio show. We often need to be quite specific for these requests as they are looking for a "type" of person to fit their story. These requests are often at short notice so we hope to have these on file so that we can reply quickly. We may also contact you for a photograph.

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How long has your FM been diagnosed?

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What medication are you on?

What other conditions do you have if any?


This is for both the media contacts and for user submitted content.

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