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Children and Young People

Managing the Condition
The two most common errors made by parents and care-givers are panic and over-protection. Common sense isyour strongest ally. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia does not mean life has to stop. It only needs re-arranging. A child troubled with this condition still has to grow and learn and just be a normal child.

Whether symptoms are constant or come and go, occasionally it may be hard for a child to take part in activities that wereonce easy and fun. But the child must be encouraged to carry on with as normal a life as possible.You can help by finding pastimes that can be enjoyed when physical activities are limited. Provide plenty of books, games, crafts and puzzles, and keep plenty of paper, paint and crayons handy for younger children.

For older children encourage craft projects that can be completed over a period of time with no pressure to finish. If concentration is not too much of a problem an older child can benefit from board games and Scrabble. These games can keep the brain active and strengthen problem solving skills.

Travel should not be ruled out as holidays are good fun for everybody – so do not beafraid to travel, but do not be over ambitious in your choice of destination. As with adults, break any journey up so that stretching breaks are taken regularly.



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