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Jemma James walked up Pen Y Fan in Wales on Saturday 8th August for FMA UK, raising £215 for the charity. We'd like… https://t.co/l3PcgmydUV

Corona Virus: We are still here but physical orders are delayed as our staff are remote working. When we return to the office we will clear the backlog ASAP.  More Info on Coronavirus Our helpline continues to be available between 10 and 4 weekdays on 0300 999 3333

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FMA UK December FaMily magazine section

Each month articles included in the Fibromyalgia Association section of the FaMily Magazine will be previewed on this site. If you like the look of what you see you can decide to purchase a year's subscription.

The Challenge of Kilimanjaro by Pam Stewart
I now know more about what it feels like to have fibromyalgia. First of all I had to learn to go slowly (or pole, as they say in Swaheli) to pace myself for the climb. This was very frustrating on the first day and the beginning of the second. After that the effects of the altitude and walking for a full day in bright sunshine began to kick in. I was relieved when we reached camp, could eat in moderate comfort and snuggle into the sleeping bag. I had to rest the next day whilst the boys went for a gentle acclimatisation day; another similarity that those with fibromyalgia will relate to. The following day I no longer found the pace frustrating...

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Could You Benefit from Some Advice? By Kathy Longley
Ever had problems claiming benefits? Mystified by the endless forms and assessments? Wish you had more inside information? Well, help is now at hand from an excellent website called benefitsandwork.co.uk. The site has been set up by Steve Donnison, a former welfare worker for the Citizen's Advice Bureau and other organisations, to offer independent advice to anyone seeking more information regarding claiming benefits or getting back into work. Steve decided to launch the website due to becoming frustrated with the little amounts of information that people had access to. "Almost all the information available was produced by the DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] and other government bodies or by charities who, in general, tend to be very careful about what they say. Charities will criticise government projects up to a degree, but only to a degree, so I felt there was an awful lot of information that clients weren't being told." 

FMSNI Medical Conference 2006 By Director Margaret Peacock
The Northern Ireland conference, held in the Europa Hotel, Belfast on 26th August 2006 was truly a great success. We had a huge demand for tickets; indeed we could have sold twice the number thanks to the huge public interest.
Professor Robert Bennett, a world leading expert in fibromyalgia, spoke about the history of the condition. He explained how it was first mentioned in a lecture given by British doctor Sir William Gower in 1904 when he described inflammation of fibrous tissues in the muscles of the lower back. He called the condition lumbago or fibrositis due to the perceived inflammation. The inflammatory nature has since been disproved but the name stuck until Dr Muhammad Yunus and his group suggested the term fibromyalgia syndrome in 1981. He went on to say that in the UK we are more than fifteen years behind in research and treatment...  

Yorkshire & Humberside Fibromyalgia Regional Consortium Conference
Dr Derek Haines, who had worked with many fibromyalgia patients at Castle Hills Hospital, in Hull prior to his retirement earlier in the year, gave a presentation illustrating “A Medical Perspective of Fibromyalgia” in which he explained that until relatively recently fibromyalgia provoked a difference of opinion between patients and doctors. The patients knew and felt that "something was wrong", yet all the tests showed "no serious disease". The real problem was that neither doctors nor patients could understand what was happening...

Pilates Exercise Study and Laughter Workshop by Christine Morton
As group leader of the Sheffield FMS Group I conducted a study on the ‘Benefits of Pilates Exercises for Fibromites’ during the months of June and July 2006, with myself as a tutor. I had hoped to have a university student working with me to monitor the sessions and write up this report, but sadly it was not meant to be. However, I chose to do the whole study myself and five members from our group volunteered to commit to a 2 hour session, one day per week, over a period of eight weeks... 

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