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We've been asked to share a study from a researcher at Teeside University. The study aims to understand the impact… https://t.co/eK47eDYFKb

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FMA UK Family magazine Section - January

Each month articles included in the Fibromyalgia Association section of the FaMily Magazine will be previewed on this site. If you like the look of what you see you can decide to purchase a year's subscription.

APPG on Fibromyalgia By Sue Tait
The APPG meeting was held on Monday 12th October at the House of Commons. Various MPs attended along with members of fibromyalgia support groups and FMA UK trustees. The meeting was chaired by APPG leader Rob Wilson MP and Russell Brown MP. The main presentation was given by researchers Alice Theadom M.Sc., a research fellow and chartered health psychologist from Brighton and Sussex medical school, and Dr Mark Cropley PhD, a senior lecturer and chartered health psychologist from the University of Surrey. These two researchers have been working together to study... 

Hi, my name is Andrew Grandin and on Sunday 15th October I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in aid of fibromyalgia. I chose this charity as it close to my heart: my father suffers terribly with fibromyalgia and seeing the effects first hand can be upsetting. I decided to run the half marathon early on in the year, however due to injuries to my back I was unable to do any training for the run until a few weeks prior to the race...  

European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations
FMA UK trustee, Janet McFarlane, joined other European representatives in Versailles, France for the annual general meeting of the European network of Fibromyalgia Associations last September. The European network is currently represented in 16 countries offering great scope for exchange of ideas, support and the raising of awareness throughout Europe. At the meeting the representatives present took turns to update the network of activities within their own country....

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A Fishy Solution? By Kathy Longley
Fish oils have always been promoted as having beneficial health properties. We are told in the media, "Eat more oily fish for a healthy heart and flexible joints" and many people respond by taking fish oil capsules as part of their treatment or as a preventative measure. I have always related fish oils to the treatment of osteoarthritis or circulation problems but a Professor from Hammersmith Hospital in London is promoting a specific combination of fish oils to combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia and M.E....  

Interview with regional coordinator Janet McFarlane
How long have you served as a regional coordinator and what inspired you to get involved? I have been a regional coordinator for five years now and I do believe the conversation went: “We were thinking of asking someone to coordinate the regions with FMA UK and your name was put forward, how do you feel about that?” I think I said something like it would be a good idea as the groups in Scotland were not being included and before I knew it, I was the regional coordinator for Scotland....  

Kathryn Dennick In the Spotlight
Kathryn Dennick has recently completed an MSc Health Psychology thesis at the University of Derby looking at the effect that fibromyalgia has upon the quality of life for both those affected by fibromyalgia and their partners. Here she explains why she chose this topic and what the results revealed. 

The Regional Co-ordinators’ Report
The regional co-ordinators joined the board of trustees for a meeting at head office in Stourbridge on Saturday 28th September. Reports were received from Humberside and Yorkshire, the North West, the Midlands and the South West. Humberside and Yorkshire reported on the success of their regional conference, details of which were included in December's magazine. Jean Crossley advised...  

Q & A with Derek Enlander, MD
Derek Enlander, MD, is originally from Belfast, Ireland, and is Physician-in-Waiting to the British Royal Family and to several members of the British government during their visits to New York…  

Turkey a la King anybody?
With the Christmas festivities over together with the traditional over indulgence, perhaps this might be an appropriate time to address two new interesting pieces of research regarding Irritable Bowel….  

FM Tips Excerpt from “Guilty Until Proven innocent”by Mary Schweitzer, PhD*
“Well, practically speaking, keep in mind that you are trying to communicate to the government the reality of your situation. If you are too disabled to perform at work, then figure out how to communicate that. Also [recognize that] the foot soldiers in the Social Security are not your enemy. They're just overworked, and the tasks they have been assigned do not allow them to evaluate your situation with efficiency. Be nice to them, and don't expect them to be able to do things they can't….. 

It’s that time again! By Life Coach Pam Wright
New Year can be a time of extremes!  Reflection on the past twelve months gives way to the whole gamut of human response about the year ahead, ranging from high hopes of positive anticipation to negative thoughts about the future….  

It was on 31st January 2005 that the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency outlawed co-proxamol with a planned phased withdrawal. The press announcement shocked patients and the medical profession but most of us sat back and waited…..

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