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This #InternationalMensDay, get to know some of those impacted by fibromyalgia. 🔽 Read Stephen's story about his… https://t.co/OV05oRBeC2

March FaMily magazine

Each month articles included in the Fibromyalgia Association section of the FaMily Magazine will be previewed on this site. If you like the look of what you see you can decide to purchase a year's subscription.

International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day - 12th May 2007
Do you ever wonder how the profile of Fibromyalgia can be raised? Do you ever wonder who actually tries to raise the profile of Fibromyalgia? Well the answer could be right on your doorstep! As most people are aware FMA UK is run by a board of trustees who do their utmost to raise the profile of fibromyalgia (along with many other things). Group leaders (the majority of whom have fibromyalgia themselves) and their members across the country also work tirelessly to raise the profile within their own area, but for us to make a greater impact we need YOUR support... 

Pregnancy and Beyond-From Preconception Care to Postnatal Success with Midwife Denyse Moore
I am delighted to introduce a new columnist: midwife Denyse Moore, who, over the coming months will be taking us on a journey from 'preconception care to postnatal success'. Denyse has worked as a midwife for 10 years and currently practises at St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth. Due to her professional training and her personal experience of living with fibromyalgia she is able to offer a unique insight into the various problems and issues facing women with fibromyalgia who wish to embark on this exciting journey of a lifetime. This month we start with advice on what to do before you consider conceiving....Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of theses articles

Fibromyalgia, Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities by Kathy Longley
I know that I am not alone in developing allergies seemingly as a result of having fibromyalgia, but from talking to other people I appreciate that I am actually one of the lucky ones. Others have not only developed allergies but multiple chemical sensitivities which play havoc with their daily lives. They describe sensitivities to all kinds of different odours, as well as bright lights and noise; it is as though they have become supersensitive to the world around them. Maureen Jamison's life has been turned upside down by her extreme reactions to the chemicals around her. "I have sensitivities to almost everything," she explains, "washing powder, perfume, aftershave, cigarette smoke, paint and all different kinds of food. In fact it is easier to tell you what I am not sensitive to!"...

Fibromyalgia Association Volunteer Awards 2007
The association relies on volunteers and most of the time their efforts go unsung, but greatly appreciated. Each group and helpline has volunteers that are so vital to supporting others with fibromyalgia. Last year, for the first time, we recognised the dedication and hard work of our volunteers with special awards. We are now starting the process of choosing this year's award winners, to be presented in May. There will be awards for each region and then an overall winner.... 

Trustee Janet McFarlane Resigns
FMA UK is sad to announce the resignation of trustee Janet McFarlane. Janet has decided the time has come to give somebody else the opportunity to carry on her dedicated work in Scotland, "There comes a time when I have to think of me. I have enjoyed improving communication between the groups in Scotland so that they now work as a team and have identity as a region. I have also put things in motion in Europe and it is now time for someone else to continue." She has plans to start a painting course and hopes to enjoy the challenges that being creative can bring. Also, freeing up her time will allow her to enjoy her grandson and put her energies into entertaining him....

Diary of a Drug Trial by Sally Russell
So how did I feel taking the full dose of milnacipran? Not very happy! Serves me right for offering to do the trial in the first place. But, as a doctor friend of mine said, 'If it wasn't for mad people like yourself we wouldn't make the advances we have done in medicine!' By the time I saw Dr Serena Carville for my next appointment the situation had settled down a bit. I felt that I was experiencing increased tinnitus and a dry mouth but was sleeping okay and possibly dreaming less, although I still felt constantly tired.... 

The Black Country Support Group Christmas Dinner by Suzanne Trueman
Our December meeting, I have to admit was the best I have ever been to. It was very different from our usual meetings. After a brief welcome and everyone signing in, we abandoned all formalities and enjoyed the huge amount of food which everyone had generously brought in. There were mountains of scrumptious goodies....

Pub Crawl Fund Raiser
On behalf of the Hull Support Group, member, Chris Stevenson, raised £235 by persuading 16 of his mates to accompany him on a pub crawl lasting from 11 a.m. in the morning until midnight, that's dedication for you!... 

New DLA Guidance from March 2007
FaMily magazine has obtained the final draft of new guidance on CFS/ME to be issued to DLA decision makers in February 2007 and go live in March 2007. Disappointingly fibromyalgia still does not warrant its own document and is mentioned in passing as another condition that may occur with CFS/ME. In the absence of any other guidance there is no doubt in my mind that the decision makers at the DWP will use this same document for FM sufferers...

Chocolate's Good for You - It's Official!
The news anyone with a sweet tooth has been waiting for - chocolate is officially good for you. Doctors at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have found eating small bars of dark chocolate every day helps stop symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)....

US drug companies vying to create new FM drug
With no test to confirm fibromyalgia, doctors rely on patient complaints of symptoms and subjective responses to physical exams. As a result, some physicians are wary of viewing it as a distinct ailment. Still, a who's who of pharmaceutical companies - including Pfizer Inc., Eli Lilly & Co., Forest Laboratories Inc. and Wyeth - are looking to seize on a market now dominated by older anti-depressants as well as painkillers and other drugs.....

Some people are more affected by others by the weather and by changes to it.  Many complain of symptoms being alleviated or worsened by changes. But you will be pleased to know the scientists are on the case. They are now looking at meteorology, medicine and biology and have created a new science called Biometeorology....

Latest Research
  • A Pilot Study of External Qigong Therapy for Patients with Fibromyalgia.
  • Increased cancer risk in patients referred to hospital with suspected fibromyalgia.
  • Autonomic activation and pain in response to low-grade mental stress in
    fibromyalgia and shoulder/neck pain patients.

Mobility -detach the emotion and be positively realistic! with Life Coach Pam Wright
My dictionary describes mobility as ‘shifting position readily' and ‘not fixed'.  Nothing on this Earth is static. The planet is moving constantly although we are not always aware of it!  In people, movement creates wellbeing (even when it is triggered by pain!).  Exercise, at whatever level, is just one aspect of mobility, but so too is having a change of scene by getting away from the confines of your home.  Without movement, the body systems slow down.  Chronic inactivity creates problems of an ever-decreasing circle of life experience and interest.  This can lead to a total loss of independence.  Lower expectations become a habit creeping up on you until something awakens you to the path you are on and you take control once more.  It's never too late....

Christine's Cookbook
Delicious and fibro-friendly chickpea salad 

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