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Jemma James walked up Pen Y Fan in Wales on Saturday 8th August for FMA UK, raising £215 for the charity. We'd like… https://t.co/l3PcgmydUV

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March FaMily Magazine

flotation tankThis month, we have one of our latest MAB recruits, Colin Beevor, in the spotlight. Colin, a clinical nurse specialist, tells us about his medical background and what he hopes the MAB can achieve in 2008.

Could the presence of metals be making your fibromyalgia symptoms worse? Adrienne Obbard shares her personal experience about how she discovered metals were aggravating her own symptoms and how she resolved the various issues.

Do you find it hard to wind down and relax? Well, you may just benefit from a session in a flotation tank. I visited a health spa in Bristol to find out about this unusual therapy and what it could offer to those of us with fibromyalgia.

With best wishes,
Kathy Longley (FMA UK Editor) (Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of these articles)


Float Your Way to Relaxation by Kathy Longley
Floating in the darkness with only a soft glow of yellow light and the gentle sound of music felt like being embraced back into the womb. All the distractions of the day melted away into the darkness and I was left feeling at one with myself and my surroundings. The concentration of salt in the water made the art of floating come naturally and I could feel myself drifting away as my mind began to slow down and my breathing deepened….

In the Spotlight with Colin Beevor
Colin Beevor, a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) for Rheumatology and Matron Musculoskeletal OPD Services, is one of our latest recruits to the FMA UK Medical Advisory Board (MAB). He operates as one of the team of matrons working within the surgical division at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and is based in the rheumatology outpatients and day case suite department at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QAH). Together with five clinical nurse specialists, he shares responsibility for the consistent delivery of high quality patient care, information and support, a task made all the more enjoyable and achievable thanks to the excellent rheumatology team at QAH. Here he talks about his work and his hopes for the MAB in 2008….

Are the Presence of Metals Affecting your FM? By Adrienne Obbard
One day I just looked at my arms and wondered what was different. If anything the right should be worse as I am right handed. It just didn't make sense. Then it clicked. My metal watch! I removed my watch but after three weeks there was no change so, rather disappointed (but I am used to this!), I put it back on again. The pain got worse,….

Pre-existing Medical Conditions by Midwife Denyse Moore
Gestational Diabetes and the Glucose Tolerance Test :
There are several kinds of diabetes, all relating to the delicate balance of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Insulin is a hormone that converts glucose into the body's main source of energy called glycogen. When the body fails to produce enough insulin (if there is too much glucose say from a sugary snack such as ice cream), the level of sugar in the blood becomes too high, which can be dangerous for you and your baby. In pregnancy some women may develop diabetes, just for the duration of the pregnancy. This is called Gestational Diabetes…..

FMA UK National Helpline Annual Statistical Summary 2007 by Gerry Crossley
Volunteers: At the beginning of the year there were 20 volunteers staffing the helpline, two of which were not available long term. By December there were 19 volunteers, with five not available long term. This puts a strain on those that are available, and we are very fortunate that….

The Benefits Helpline by Janet Horton
I operate the Benefits Helpline on Monday and Friday mornings between 10am and 12 noon. The number of calls I receive vary between 2 and 6 each session. The types of problems I deal with are also varied but Disability Living Allowance (DLA) remains the major one. A number are just requesting information in general or information packs….

Fibromyalgia and Montmorency Cherries
Some consumers have discovered that consuming products rich in Montmorency tart cherry compounds has helped relieve the pain of fibromyalgia…

Latest Research
Fibromyalgia - What's In A Name?
Doctors in the early part of the 20th century used the term “fibrositis” to describe any form of muscular rheumatism.  In spite of the wide range of symptoms attributed to fibrositis, this “catch-all” diagnosis would remain in place…..

Alterations In A Gene Associated With Severe Fibromyalgia Symptoms
The autonomic nervous system consists of nerves peripheral to the brain and spinal cord, and controls so-called unconscious or “automatic” body functions, including heart rate, digestion, perspiration, blood pressure and respiration.  It acts to balance the “fight-or-flight” reaction that prepares the body for danger when under stress, with “quiet” body functions that return the body to rest…

Is Fibromyalgia A Cardiovascular Disease?
The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and two networks of blood vessels, and acts to circulate blood around the body.  While the cardiovascular system may seem unrelated to fibromyalgia symptoms, a research group from Brazil have proposed that fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) could in fact be a cardiovascular disease.  This stems from recent findings that FMS and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients suffer from a cardiovascular condition known as dysautonomia….

Christine’s Cookbook
Chicken wings with honey and soy:
More than 500 scientific studies have shown that people who consume soy on a regular basis have a lower incidence of chronic disease – including heart disease……

Soapbox by Jeanne Hambleton
A short while ago there was a big article in the New York Times asking the question if fibromyalgia is real? Well you can imagine how much aggravation that stirred up in the States. But can we tell folk here in the UK that fibromyalgia is real?...Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of these articles

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