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📲 In all seriousness, for those who want to know more about a condition which is thought to impact around 1 in 20 p… https://t.co/Bw017nW5fb

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April FaMily Magazine

fiona_ashworth.jpgThis month read FMA UK's response to the outrageous article, ‘Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?’, that appeared in the New York Times and continues to send shockwaves through the FM community.

To ensure medical professionals receive accurate information in the UK, regional coordinator, Jean Crossley and MAB member, Dr Kim Lawson, have been busy raising awareness about fibromyalgia among physiotherapists and rheumatology staff in north-east Lincolnshire. Read about the warm welcome they received and the success of their presentations.

Also, developing fibromyalgia can often mean a change in employment circumstances, with a person either having to cut down to part-time hours, retrain or give up their job completely, each option involving significant financial loss. This month, barrister, Fiona Ashworth from Kings Chambers in Manchester, tackles the issues surrounding loss of earnings in fibromyalgia claims.

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Feedback to last month’s lead article: ‘Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?’
This outrageous article suggesting that fibromyalgia may not exist that was reproduced in the March issue continues to send shock waves through the FM community. At the time of printing last month we included responses from the New York Times we now can show you the FMA UK response…

Raising Awareness of FM in NE Lincolnshire by Jean Crossley
I was pleased to be approached by Louis Houtsnee, a physiotherapist from Grimsby Physiofirst Centre, with a request a talk about fibromyalgia for physiotherapists from various locations in our area. The local physiotherapists currently hold regular monthly meetings at St Hughs Hospital, Grimsby and Louis felt it was important to raise awareness of this mystifying condition. I approached Dr Kim Lawson, a MAB member and Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at Sheffield Hallam University, to ask if he would be able to assist me with this task…

Loss of Earnings in Fibromyalgia Claims by Fiona Ashworth
In my previous articles I have explained the possible link between an accident and the onset of fibromyalgia. I have also given guidance as to the medical evidence that is required in such cases. We now move on to the next step after the person with fibromyalgia has the necessary medical evidence to establish that he/she is suffering from fibromyalgia and that there is a causal connection between the accident and its onset. The Claimant must then prove, on the balance of probabilities, what losses have been caused by the accident. In this article I will concentrate on the claim for loss of earnings….

You can recover from M.E, CFS and FM by Anje Dale (Advertisement Feature)
I heard about the Phil Parker Lightning Process but dismissed it. Although I did not want to give up I had become sceptical, there are hundreds of 'cures' out there all promising the earth! That was until I talked to someone I trusted, whose life was transformed by the Lightning Process. I was so impressed with her results that I decided I had nothing to lose and booked up! I am so glad I did! I started my first session having a panic attack because I was so anxious: would I be able to manage the session, to understand it all and to do the work?.....

Changes in the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy by Midwife Denyse Moore
You can expect more changes than ever in the last weeks of your pregnancy. You will probably feel tired beyond your usual FM type of tiredness and feel as if you have been pregnant forever! This is all part of getting ready and being willing to go through the labour and birth process……

Extract from a recent Q& A with Dr. Charles Lapp
Dr. Charles Lapp is a world authority on ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. He has been treating patients hands-on for more than 20 years and plays a lead role in international research, advocacy, and physician education….

Judicial Review and E Petition for Coproxamol By Jeanne Hambleton
The coproxamol debate has been ‘pushed under the carpet’ and has lost its momentum with GPs disgruntled but still wanting to prescribe the 50-year-old safe painkiller. Meanwhile the Government and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency refuse to consider a review of the whole sorry situation and ‘bungled withdrawal’…

Latest FM Research
Stress response axis impaired in fibromyalgia patients.
Coping strategies in fibromyalgia and the effect of post-traumatic stress disorder.
The effect of pregabalin (lyrica) on depression and anxiety.
Growth hormone treatment for fibromyalgia.(Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of these articles)

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