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This #InternationalMensDay, get to know some of those impacted by fibromyalgia. 🔽 Read Stephen's story about his… https://t.co/OV05oRBeC2

January FaMily Magazine

Jan Family magazineDon't you just long for sunshine and warmth on these dull, dismal days? If a winter sun holiday is just what you need, but the thought of organising it makes you want to hide under your duvet, then this month help is at hand as we are looking at a range of holiday options and tour operators dedicated to helping less mobile people organise and enjoy their holiday with the minimum of hassle.

Ever thought of holding an holistic therapy evening? It is something that anyone can join in with and an ideal event to bring friends and family along to. Perhaps add it to this year’s group agenda?

Happy New Year!

With best wishes,
Kathy Longley (FMA UK Editor)

Holistic Therapy Evening by Lynne Cullen
Members of the South Gloucestershire Fibromyalgia Support Group and their friends enjoyed the opportunity to try a range of therapies and sample natural healthcare products. We felt very privileged to receive such a wide range of therapists who kindly offered their services free to make this unique evening the resounding success it was….

In Search of Sunlight by Kathy Longley
Don't the bitter cold and the short dismal hours of daylight make you just long for bright rays of warm sunlight, with perhaps a sun bed and a turquoise sea thrown in? January always finds me wishing I was going on a winter sun holiday to escape the winter blues now the fun and excitement of the Christmas festivities are over. Having fibromyalgia gives us a legitimate reason for seeking sunshine as the natural vitamin D from sunlight is apparently one of the best things for fibromyalgia fatigue and…

FMA UK's Plans for the New Year by Pam Stewart
The New Year always makes me think of what I have done over the last year and what I want to achieve in the coming year. We often lurch from one day to the next without having the time to consider where life is leading us. We just go with the flow or battle against the latest problem, unable to reflect….

ENFA Determined to Improve Awareness in Europe by Pam Stewart
The Written Declaration on Fibromyalgia only needed 38 more signatures from MEPs at the beginning of December. ENFA was confident these would be obtained at the signing in December as members were going to be present to lobby MEPs personally….

Margaret Receives 2008 Award for Volunteering Excellence
Margaret Robson, the co-ordinator and chair of the Fibromyalgia Support Group (Medway), has received a Kent County Council Award for Volunteering Excellence, not only for her work in setting up and running the Medway Support Group for the last six years, but also for over 30 years of volunteering. There were almost 600 nominations for awards in various categories and only 24 winners….

Meet New Regional Coordinator Janet Boniface
I first became a Civil Servant in 1963 and left in 1970 to marry and to raise two sons. After the death of my husband in 1982, I returned firstly to part time work and then increased to full time, again within the Civil Service….

Polkadotgals Launch Party!
On Saturday the 8th of November Polkadotgals' director Bianca Embley launched the first Polkadotgals calendar, to help raise awareness of fibromyalgia, at the Episode Hotel in Leamington Spa. The event featured appearances from Polkadotgals' ambassador, Danni Wells, and Miss England 2008, Laura Coleman, who lent her support…

Midlands Regional Meeting by Christine Brown
At the Midlands regional meeting in April this year I asked the group leaders if they would like their autumn regional meeting to be different from our usual meetings and suggested that we invite a guest speaker and focus on a topic for the day. I asked if they would like some kind of training and suggested that we approach Dr. Kim Lawson to ask if he would like to join the regional meeting and offer his expertise from his own professional point of view and have a day discussing "How to engage with medical professionals"….

A Primer on Blood Pressure – High, Low, Dysregulated by Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD
Blood pressure is necessary for blood to circulate around the body. Too little pressure causes fatigue. Low blood pressure in this country is usually a cause for congratulation by the medical profession, when for some people it makes them feel awful!...

Recent FM Research
Although fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is frequently associated with adult patients, FMS is increasingly being recognised among children and adolescents. This month we focus on two recent research papers that deal with treatment for children with FMS and the relationship between adolescent FMS sufferers and their family.

Adolescent Fibromyalgia Sufferers May Experience an Impaired Relationship With Their Family
Juvenile primary fibromyalgia syndrome (JP-FMS) is a chronic pain syndrome that occurs in children and adolescents, primarily among adolescent girls. The symptoms of JP-FMS (generalised musculoskeletal pain, sleep difficulty and irritable bowel syndrome), lead to high levels of disability among adolescent sufferers, who may struggle with regular school attendance, peer relationships and experience considerable emotional distress…

Effectiveness of Aerobic Exercise in Children With Fibromyalgia
Juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is currently poorly understood, however it is thought that many adult FMS sufferers are deconditioned and have reduced levels of aerobic fitness when compared with normal healthy adults. This chronic deconditioning has also been suggested to lead to decreased physical activity and a worsening of fibromyalgia symptoms….

Fashion and Fibromyalgia by Rosie Sanders
Believe it or not last year alone 20,000 women developed injuries from falling off their high heels! Now I don’t know about you but I’ve got enough aches and pains without adding high heels to the equation, so thankfully, flats are back in fashion, HURRAH! Not only everyday pump-style flats in pretty jewels, animal prints and metallics but also flat boots…

Wishing and Hoping? Take Control Instead of Feeling That Life Controls You! By Life Coach Pam Wright
New Year is a time for making plans. In the present global economic climate, however, many people are facing an uncertain future. Their world may have been rocked by redundancy, loss of pension or the onset of stress-related illness. The sense of disaster is likely to feel even more acute if the family is already dealing with disability or illness…

My One and Only Hangover – Why PWCs Can’t Drink
I had not, in previous times, understood the absolute depth of a hangover. Since I did not drink very much, if at all, I just had never experienced how awful they could be. In retrospect, it is a wonder I was not murdered before that! When my husband had occasionally imbibed too much, I was not always sympathetic. I tended to bang doors, slam cupboards, and let the kids play, while the poor man was nearly incapacitated….

Christine’s Cookbook: Tea-braised braising steak & Green Tea sorbet
After water, tea is the most popular drink in the world. Most people think of tea simply as a soothing drink – however, it possesses a remarkable wealth of important antioxidants which provide us with energy and help our bodies to repair themselves…

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