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Conference & Pamper weekend a big hit for second time


I wish I knew – the bills seemed to be higher this year –maybe it was petrol costs, rising prices or perhaps we just wanted more this time. Who knows, but our money did not buy as much as it did last year. Apart from Labrha, the French company manufacturing Fibromyalgine, who sponsored the conference bags, there was no other sponsorship. I made at least 12 grant applications all without success – I believe this may be because we are not yet a registered charity and the effects of the current cut backs in the voluntary sector. But we are working hard to get registered. Donations or fund raising for the Folly Pogs research fund are always very welcome.

As before we begged, borrowed and stole short term, to get the show on the road, supported by the Folly Pogs (FM Philanthropists Research Fund). We had a handsome donation from Cherry Cull of Horndean, also a very respectable donation from an anonymous local fibromite. The proceeds of the race night and the raffle will be added to the research fund. I am hoping all those folks and groups who raised money for the Americans’ non-visit will agree these funds should find their way to research to help find a cure. Thanks to Marie-Caroline for her help and support and the £313 sponsorship from her 100-mile walk she has now donated to research.

We will be talking to Dr Kim Lawson, one of our keynote speakers, about research and hope in the future to sponsor some research through him. We do need to raise some mega bucks before then. We already have around 8 would-be trustees willing to help when we become a registered charity - so we live in hopes.


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By Jeanne Hambleton ©

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