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For those who care

What are the tasks that people with fibromyalgia find most difficult? Even carrying a shopping bag can cause us difficulties. Think about the jobs that you can do together with you supplying the muscle. Working together can be fun. If you can see that fibromyalgia is taking over, suggest a rest or a hot bath and have a cosy meal on a tray to continue the relaxation.


It will unwind you as well. You can also help by making small changes around the home or at work. Simple things like storing items on more accessible shelves will avoid excessive reaching and bending; keeping the floor area clear will avoid nearly tripping or falling which can jar the muscles. Look around the home or workplace together and you will probably be able to identify several ways of making life easier and safer. Remember safety at home and work is important for everyone.

As we have already said, rest plays a vital part in coping with fibromyalgia. Always plan day- to day activities to include rest periods; do a little and rest a little. Gradual exercise also plays an important role in the management of fibromyalgia. Why not exercise together. Make it part of your weekly routine. In order to cope we need to find out what suits us best by trial and error.

Nobody else can do this for us but we do need your help and understanding.

The Future
Family and friends can help a great deal in the management of fibromyalgia by learning as much as possible about the condition. Not only does the person diagnosed with fibromyalgia have frustrations, so do people who are trying to understand the problems we face.

Discussing problems and working together can make such a difference to our lives and the lives of those that give us their love and care.It can be difficult to keep cheerful when your life style changes and relationships can become strained. We all have stress at some time in our lives and it is often difficult to complain when a member of the family, friend or work colleague is unwell. Have you got another family member or friend you can talk to?




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