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Jenny Timms: How heat can impact my fibromyalgia

When it comes to seasons like many, I used to look forward to the summer months where I could enjoy the sunshine by lazy days in the garden sunbathing, gardening, daytrips at the beach enjoying an ice cream whilst the sun beat down on me or else I would track the sun by going abroad to a hot climate, that was until I developed fibromyalgia.

Today I am finding myself doing the opposite, wishing that we have a cold spell all year round, why, you must be wondering, well the reason is that those long-awaited hot days now cause me to sufferer terribly!

As the temperature rises so does my distress because my skin feels like it is blistering burning all over, I cannot even bear cloth next to my skin and trying to find a comfortable position is impossible because any areas of pressure feels raw and prickly.

No matter how many windows open or fans are on me my whole body feels like it is going to boil over as if my body’s temperature regulator is broken. Even a cool shower brings pain like thousands of needles are hitting my skin, so I generally feel frustrated, emotional and anxiety weighs heavy in my chest as I scramble to find ways to cool myself off.

Sleep becomes even poorer as the sticky nights draw in and I feel I will never escape the claustrophobic atmosphere.

This is my experience of heating up with fibromyalgia and I know many who also suffer with the heat, then there are those who relish the summer months as it alleviates their pain, oh how I wish I was them so I didn’t miss out on family fun and magical exotic holidays. Give me a nice cool day anytime of the year to enjoy my family, hobbies and not forgetting an ice cream on the beach!


By Jenny Timms 

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