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For those who care

 This article has been extracted from the free Information booklet that FMA UK provides. To have this information presented in a professional A5 booklet, as well as the other articles please request one from the office. The material in this booklet is from an older version of the booklet, please check the link above for current content.

A guide for carers and partners of someone with FM

It can be difficult to live with and care for a person suffering from a chronic painful condition like fibromyalgia – but you need not cope alone. Fibromyalgia Association UK not only cares about those diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but also cares about you, the people who live with and look after us.This section has been written to allay some of your fears and help you gain a better understanding of some of the problems we face.

Fibromyalgia affects people in different degrees. Those with mild to moderate symptoms can lead a relatively normal life, with a few adjustments. If symptoms are severe our lives are changed drastically, but fibromyalgia is not life threatening.

A Collection of Symptoms
Now that your friend, partner or relation has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia you will be asking “What is it and what does it mean?” The word fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles and fibres, fibro fibres) my (muscles) algia (pain). Fibromyalgia is called a syndrome because it is recognised as a collection of symptoms rather than by one specific symptom or malfunction. The many ways it can affect the various systems of the body are explained in the section “What is fibromyalgia?”

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