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For those who care


We Have Our Bad Days
Flare ups of pain are another problem that can make us feel low. We may be doing all the right things and suddenly the pain will increase. Often there will be no obvious reason, but at other times we will be able to identify the cause, usually overdoing some physical activity such as household chores, DIY or gardening.

Short bouts of depression may occur from time to time, but this should not last more than a day or two: if it does the doctor should be consulted. Sometimes counselling may be recommended. This is not because fibromyalgia “is all in the mind” but because the syndrome, especially the constant pain, affects the whole person including the mental outlook.

It is normal to feel afraid, angry, and anxious when dealing with a chronic condition and talking to a trained counsellor allows these feelings to be brought into the open and dealt with.No one medication will alleviate all the symptoms of fibromyalgia but a combination of medicines may help to relieve pain and promote sleep.

At the moment there is no cure for fibromyalgia, and the best that a doctor can do is to give guidance in ways of coping treating some of the symptoms. The treatments and medications that work vary from one person to another and the person with fibromyalgia is the only one who can tell what is working. It may take a long time and many appointments to discover the right mix for any individual.




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