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How To Post Clearly

Good Posting Guide

This article is an attempt to try and help users of the forum get the best response possible and explain why certain things are done in a certain way. Also included are some of the reasons why a post may be moved or modified.

We have had some posts written without capitals, punctuation and spaces between lines when it is the end of a sentence or paragraph. It can be very hard to read. And it is off-putting as well, when written like that. People sometimes will not bother to read it as it is can be difficult to understand. It is in your best interests when asking a question to spend some extra time on how you post looks prior to posting.  The site includes a spell checker and a preview option as well.

Post Subjects
Please try to make your post subject meaningful. It should be long enough to get the message across but not too long that it goes onto another line. Using one or two word subjects means that people may not see that the post is relevant to them. To get your question answered then it is in your best efforts to make it easy for other people :)

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