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Collection of documents to help people with Benefits

PIP to DLA - Previous Medical Evidence

‘Invitation’ to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in place of your indefinite DLA award.

In the coming months if you are at present in receipt of an indefinite DLA award and were under 65 on 8th April 2013 you will get a letter ‘inviting’ you to make a claim for PIP. If you wish to continue to get some benefit you have no choice but to put in a claim.

The instruction will be to phone the PIP claim line. In bold below is the script of what the person from the DWP will say to you:

“Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) is a new benefit. Once you complete a claim over the phone (In writing if paper claim requested) you will receive a ‘How your disability affects you’ PIP2 form to complete. When you return the PIP2 you can include any medical or supporting evidence you think may help us. You will then be referred to an Assessment Provider who may gather further medical evidence

Is there any other specific medical evidence from your DLA claim that you think might help?” 

The important part is the question at the end and it is likely you would like the previous medical evidence to be taken into account and if you say ‘Yes’ you will be asked:

Do you know what that evidence was when it was obtained?

The chances are you don’t know what evidence was given to them at the time so the safe answer is ‘I don’t know’

You should then be told:

We can send you a copy of the medical evidence we have on your DLA file. Due to requirements under the Data Protection Act and our document retention procedures, previous evidence may not be available. If evidence is still on your file we will ensure that it is taken into account. On the covering letter we send you with the copy of your DLA medical evidence you will be given a date by which you must let us know if you want to use any of the information for your Personal Independence claim.”

This way you get to decide what evidence you want them to use not the DWP. If the person you are speaking to does not offer to send the information to you ask for it yourself.

If you want more information on this or what their ‘script’ says in full if you say ‘yes’ please contact

Janet Horton, Benefits Adviser on the FMA UK Benefits Helpline which is available Mon and Fri 10 - 12. Tel: 0300 999 0055 (please note the Benefits Helpline is closed until 6/1/17)


Benefits Landing page


This page is a landing page for a collection of information in relation to benefits and fibromyalgia. It is initially to supplement the information provided in our Patient booklet as well as helping with changes that happen in between print runs and reviews. 

Citizens Advice has a lot of useful information on benefits including calculators. You can find this here.


FMA UK Welfare Benefits Helpline

Benefits articles on the website.


Benefits & Work request for information on PIP Assessment Centres

We have received the following request from The Benefits and Work website.    They are asking for information if you have had any experience of ATOS PIP assessment centres.   Please let them know by going  to their website

Have you been to an Atos PIP assessment centre?

Category: Latest news

Created: Tuesday, 12 January 2016 13:28

PIP claimants are being forced to travel long distances to unfamiliar places in order to have a face-to-face medical assessment, due to a shortage of assessors and assessment centres and a computerised booking system which ignores claimants needs.

We’re asking Benefits and Work readers to help out by telling us about the PIP assessment centre you attended if you have already had a medical. That way new claimants can be better prepared for attending their medical, if they are unable to get it changed to somewhere they know.


Benefits Helpline Closure

Please note that the Benefits Helpline will be closed from 25/07/16 to 01/08/16 

DWP Consultation on proposed changes to PIP

The DWP has today launched a consultation aimed at slashing the number of people eligible for the daily living component of personal independence payment (PIP) by up to 35%. The cuts will be aimed at claimants who qualify for PIP because of their use of aids and appliances and may include replacing awards with discretionary voucher payments.

The press release and consultation document published today claim that 35% of all daily living allowance awards are based solely on the claimant’s need to use aids and appliances.

In addition, the DWP points out that recent upper tribunal decisions have found that a bed, for example, can count as an aid or appliance if a claimant needs to sit on it in order to get dressed.

The DWP argues that the use of readily available or low cost items as aids or appliances isn’t a reliable guide as to whether a person has to meet additional costs because of their disability. As a result the department has launched a brief consultation, ending on 29 January 2016, to decide whether and how to change the system.


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