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Questions and Answers about the merger of FibroAction and FMA UK

  1. All services will continue without any break, delay or change for members of the public.
  2. We will continue to be known as FMA UK
  3. We will continue providing the same service through our online forums, the Health Unlocked FibroAction's forum (which will change name on the 1st July to Fibromyalgia Action UK) and the FMA UK online forum on FMA UK website. 
  4. FibroAction's email addresses will be active until the 1st of July. After 1st July all contact should be made through contact details on the FMA UK website - the web address will remain the same as www.fmauk.org
  5. From the 1st July, FibroAction's website will not be active and there will only be information about the merger and a link to the FMA UK website.
  6. There will be a new logo and a new charity name which we hope to have available from 1st July. Therefore if you would like to use any of those for your local support group or any other agreed earlier with us purpose, please contact us after 1st July for the new logo and confirmation of the new charity name being in use.
  7. Fundraising: if you have any fundraising pages / activities for FMA UK (like Justgiving page) this will remain unchanged and you can continue your fundraising activities. The only thing that will change after the 1st July will be the name of the charity, but there will be no change to fundraisers, no change to bank account details etc. and you are encouraged to continue your fundraising. If you are currently raising funds for FibroAction, for example, through VirginMoneyGiving, we ask you to stop doing it now and if you wish to continue raising funds please do so for FMA UK (you can find all details on the website http://www.fmauk.org/ as this bank account and fundraising activities (like Justgiving) will continue until after the merger.
  8. Local support groups: If you would like your local support group to be listed/ supported please contact FMA UK. FibroAction's website will not be in use after the 1st July and no further listing of local support groups is taking place now.

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