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Chocolate Cake Day

Sunken cake recipe

Ian Taverner (Mr Cookfulness) shared his recipe for a sunken cake recipe that is easy to make and fibro freindly as all of Ian's recipes are. Why dont you have a go and post back the results on our twitter thread here. Hazel from the office has had a go and her oven misbehaved but the cake tastes lovely if a bit more sunken than intended :)

National Cake day may not be related to fibromyalgia but there should always be time for cake :)


  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Line the cake tin with greaseproof paper, bottom and sides right up
  • Put a saucepan half full of water onto a low simmer – not boiling
  • Put a small mixing bowl over the pan making sure the bottom does not touch the water in the pan
  • Add the chocolate pieces and butter to the bowl and slowly let it melt
  • When melted, remove and set aside to cool a bit but not go cold and stiff
  • In Separate bowls, separate the eggs, so whites into one bowl and yolks into another
  • The best way I find is to break the egg into your fingers (loosely open) and letting the white fall through then drop the yolk into the other
  • Add half (125 g) of sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until creamy and grown in volume
  • In a separate bowl and using a clean whisk ( very important) whisk the egg whites until you get stiff peaks
  • Add in the other half of the sugar (125g) a little bit at a time, every 15-20 seconds, and keep whisking until it is all in and no grains
  • Using a spatula, carefully stir in the chocolate mix to the egg yolk mix
  • Now carefully fold in the egg white mix to the chocolate mix, taking care to ensure all whites are gone but don’t beat it and lose the air – gentle!
  • Pour the entire mix into the cake tin and bake for 65-70 mins
  • Remove the tin from the oven and let the cake cool whilst still in the tin
  • It will sink… it’s a sunken cake!
  • Carefully remove from the tin using the loose bottom and slide onto a serving plate.
  • You can serve as it is or pile on some whipped double cream or even custard
  • I like to fill ours with chopped strawberries and raspberries and then dollop some cream on top!

Hints & Tips

Make sure you have either 2 whisks or clean the one you have used thoroughly and dry completely before whisking the egg white.
Make sure you keep the egg whites and the yolks well separate and know which is for which when following the recipe

Ways To Change

Put what you like really into the sunken hole – it is quite rich so fruit Is great

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