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Volunteers Week 2021: Jenny Timms

My name is Jenny Timms and I am a one of the many volunteers for FMA UK and have been for approximately two years as the regional coordinator for the Midlands.

The process of becoming a volunteer for FMA UK was the same as applying for a paid position, so I filled out an application form then went through two phone interviews with head office via phone including a chat with Des Quinn the chief executive, and though I was incredibly nervous, everyone I spoke to put me at ease as they were all exceedingly kind and friendly.

The reason I went for this volunteer position was I wanted to make a difference to others who have fibromyalgia just like myself. I had been considering it for a short while as I was feeling like I was not worth much and not contributing to the world around me and since I was unable to work a full-time job, I knew volunteering was the answer as it meant I could still use my lifetime skills the best way I thought how whilst being able to adapt the hours around my condition, and I have not regretted it once!

Since starting my volunteering, I have found myself looking forward to waking up each day, excited to advising and supporting people and feeling rewarded when I hear those magic words ‘thank you’ from a person who may be struggling, need advice or just need to speak to someone, it fills my heart with joy each day!

Apart from the skills I already had, FMA UK have invested in me by developing new ones so I could take on further roles within the charity, I now volunteer on both the national helpline and benefits helpline. Both have opened my life to a new path I would not have gone down had I not joined FMA UK so, now I can touch people’s lives who are usually at their lowest peak and make them feel less alone as they realise that they are not alone out there in the dark world that can be fibromyalgia or help family members come to terms with their loved one’s condition.

For me volunteering at FMA UK is.

F– fantastic, fulfilling others with fibro.

I– invested in people’s lives.

B– brilliant by bringing light to others.

R– rewarding in all that you do.

O– overall the best job you will ever have!

So, if you have a few hours to spare and want to fill your life with new experiences each day in a charity that believes in you then follow mine and many other footsteps and volunteer with whatever you have to offer and make a difference in the world of fibromyalgia!

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