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A Day in the life of a FMA UK Helpline Volunteer

helpline What follows is a day in the life of a FMA UK Helpline volunteer. These are the people on the other end of the phone when you perhaps need some help on the phone. They all suffer with FM as well and get a lot out of providing this service.

Working on the FMA UK helpline is certainly a varied and rewarding experience. For me, I am glad to play my part in helping other people with FM by simply listening to them and letting them know that I understand what they are going through.

The calls can be very varied from people simply phoning to find out if there is a group near them or to place an order when the office is closed, to people who are newly diagnosed and scared because they have been told they have a chronic illness, with no cure and don't know anything about it.

Its good to talk

At times people are upset but they always say that they feel better for talking to someone and there is always something you can say that will be helpful to them. The majority of people are so relieved to talk about how FM affects them because their friends and family don't understand. I can hear the relief in their voices and by the time we say goodbye they sound totally different. That is very rewarding because I know that I have made a difference.

People phone from all over Great Britain. Most of them are woman who have FM, but we do receive calls from some men either because they have FM or their wives do. I always encourage people to take charge: I tell them you have fibromyalgia, it doesn't have you and they need to learn all they can about FM and what they can do to help themselves.

When it is my day to be on the helpline I always make sure I get up in plenty of time to have breakfast, take pills, wash and dress, so I am ready to sign on at the right time. I have everything I will need on the table in front of me and make sure that I have plenty of telephone answering sheets ready as you never know how many calls you will have. Sometimes I may just get two or three calls, but when there is an article in the paper or a magazine or an item on TV the helpline can be inundated.

Download this file (Job_Description - National Helpline.pdf)Helpline Volunteer Role Description[Gives an idea of what is involved and required]320 kB
Download this file (What are the tasks of a helpline volunteer.pdf)Tasks of a helpline volunteer[Shows the typical tasks of a helpline volunteer]436 kB

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